100% Pure Beef & Juicy Content: be careful what you let your customers consume…!

Not all news is good press. Take the recent bombardment of news material dedicated to the horse meat found in burger saga.  It’s possibly just the tip of the iceberg, but the point is that everyone should be given the choice whether they decide if they want to consume something or not.  In the future products may have warning  messages like , ‘May contain nuts or horse’ or even worse ‘Horse Nuts’.

horseAnyway, back to the analogy and important point; when it comes to marketing your online business it’s paramount to give your consumers the right constitution and quality of content that they are accustomed to, keeps them engaged and is helpful to them.  From email subject headers to blog articles and press releases, if you churn out horse meat, it will put people off your brand and possibly your products and services.


What you need is a 100% pure Beefy content..!

Would you get a horse to write your content for you? Neigh to that one!! 

 Here are a few reasons and tips on the why and how to ensure your content is 100% Pure Juicy Beef…


1.  Duplicate and unoriginal stitched together content or copy writing will be classed as low on the worthiness rating as far as search engines like Google are concerned  and may get your website penalised, leaving you pondering exactly what caused it.

2.  When engaging and posting comments on Twitter, don’t be  repetitive with your conversational tweets.  It’s easier to lose followers than gain them. Work smart and vary   your tweets if you’re running a competition or launching a new campaign. Get inventive with your posting.

3. Maintain some consistency with your content and don’t give all your gems away in one sitting; keep your audience hungry wanting more more.  Split your content into two articles (Part 1 and Part II) if posting on your blog. Bait them and tell them to tune in for part deux, tweet it and remind them 2 days before releasing the final part.

4.  Try and choose a small niche topic where there is not much content already. It’ll be easier to stand out this way.

5. Use bulleted or numbered lists to help  your readers scan for information that is important to them.

6. Hire a seasoned writer or a professional copywriter to ensure your websites pages are well received by new customers landing on your site.  Verify and ask for examples of work before hiring.

7. Get someone else, a 3rd party to read and review your writing/ideas, before publishing. A alternative audience can be a meaningful reality check.

8. Take the plunge and use images and videos heavily if your budget allows.  Well designed facebook company pages or infographics can work well in telling a story graphically.






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