A new responsive eCommerce site for Pushkin Antiques

Al Ole website , creaky and disposed to lot 13, was what led Pushkin Antiques to StartaDesign for a fresh build and design makeover.  After just 4 weeks of hard work and commitment, the team are proud to unveil a shiney new responsive eCommerce antiques web shop.


Step 1: Research

We spoke to the client in depth and looked at other competitor sites as well as feedback from existing customers about the previous company website.

The output form this was to design a clean, modern site with a focus on image photography and call to actions to gather interested buyers and sellers.  It was also important that the site kept with their existing brand and eBay shop.   


Step 2: First a Sketch of the proposed layout.

This is the very first sketch from the initial meeting with the client.   We discussed and considered layout, design elements & structure of the site.   This sketch is for the home page.  Further sketches were completed for all other pages including the shop page, services page, about us  and contact us page.





Step 3: Hi-Res  Mockup of the site

Interim stage before we start coding is to create mock ups for all pages and a final wire frame document.   Once feedback and sign off is received the project proceeds to the web development stage.  A development test platform is set up and web coding begins.





Step 4:  A Responsive Website for mobile, desktop and tablet

 The final result: a responsive eCommerce site built on WordPress and Woocommerce platform.







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