A Snapshot from Our Facebook Page Designs

Facebook has become the de facto standard for most companies in helping to enhance their brand, message and services.

Rankability have designed a number of facebook business pages for clients, and keeps abreast of the changes and updates to the facebook platform.

For just over a year now, facebook has introduced the use if iframes within facebook pages.  This has allowed for companies to enhance their facebook pages and maintain synergy between their existing web sites. When implemented correctly, this can help with the user experience, landing pages, and conversions.chong qi zhang peng

Here’s is the finished product and facebook page for www.my-photo-school.com

For the myphotoschool  project design , we were tasked with providing a flexible facebook business page that reflected their existing website and showed off their unique photography courses. They wanted to show not just their courses, but monthly competitions and their ‘piste de resistance’ – a FREE photo website for customers.

One of the ways of adding iframes to your facebook page is to use the facebook developer app – it’s free and easy to configure. Each page tab on the left hand side is a separate facebook app running an individual iframe instance.

One of the things to note is the removal of the horizontal slider, which takes up space in the facebook page. This can be done by adding java script code to each page, and setting the facebook canvas to fluid and the height to settable. Another thing that can catch you out is the menu tabs within your iframe site. If you want the links to take you to the individual apps pages, you will need to hyper link using the target _parent attribute to maintain the right page sizes.

If you’re looking for a professional facebook page to market your business, we can assist you with the design and implementation, at an affordable cost.




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