adwords and gambling online advertising

From  January 2009 the big one (Google)  lifted the ban on the advertising of online Gambling sites on Ad Words for UK and other countries. Advertising of gambling is now permitted in the UK.

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This opens up gambling sites to the paid advertising route offered by the AdWords system to online Poker and Bingo web sites.

Google’s change in stance on PPC  gambling could bring in hundreds of millions of dollars to Google, a needed boost to their flagging PPC income in the current economic turmoil.  On the flip side,copy writers and content producers and new search engines may lose out on work, as gambling sites have relied on distribution of fresh content and articles to gain popularity.

If online casinos and betting shops want to use Google adWords all they need to do is set up an adwords account and fill out some legal declarations. They can now advertise their sites as long as they are only targeting a UK audiences,  easily done with Google’s Geo targeting.

The requirements are listed here:-

Requirement 1: Register your business with the gambling commission organisation

Requirement 2: Only target online users 18 and over.

Requirement 3: Place a link on your website to which should be prominently placed on your site.


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