Build a Lightning Fast Website Using AMP for WordPress

So you want a Super Fast Loading WordPress Website on Desktop and Mobile?

There are a number of options in creating a supercharged fast loading website using wordpress.  You can choose to optimise your existing website for mobile speed or the best option is to build a specific mobile site using AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and redirect your mobile traffic to it.  This is optional, you can use AMP for desktop and mobile.

Solution : Install AMPFORWP Plugin (AMP for WordPress) to your WordPress Theme using AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

The Steps to Build an AMP WordPress Website

Step 1: Download AMP for WordPress Plugin

Download from here

Step 2: Decide Which Elements You want to Use for Mobile

AMP for WordPress also provide additional extensions to purchase that work in AMP framework onWordpress.   A Form AMP plugin is available for Contact Forms, Ninja Forms, or Gravity Forms, AMP Woocommerce etc

One extension that is crucial is AMP Cache – this will make a big difference to page speed load times on mobile.

Step 3: Which Theme Framework to Use?

AMP for WordPress comes with a AMP theme framework where you can build the AMP pages using built in modules.  Or you can use one of their themes or build your own theme.

Step 4: AMP Settings

Select your AMP settings. Decide which wordpress elements to enable for AMP.. eg pages, posts, archives.

Define the SEO settings.  Ensure to install an AMP compliant plugin like YOAST or ALL IN ONE SEO.

Configure performance and enable minify – this will speed up even further.

There is a handy setting in the latest version of AMPforWP where you can disable AMP for tablet portrait for ipads, so if your themes breakpoint is 1024px and cant be changed, then this is very useful.

Enable woocommerce compatibility if ryou have a woocommerce site.

Step 5: Build your pages

Next, build the AMP pages as per your design.  You can use DESIGN-global settings to add custom css code here.

Step 6: Check Your Pages are indexed in Google

After a few days, check that your AMP pages are indexed correctly in your Search console.  Verify if there are any AMP errors and fix the warnings and issues.




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