How to Create a Pro Marketing Video Without Breaking the Bank

As a marketing vehicle, videos have been one of the best ways to market your company online for a while now, but it doesn’t have to be an  expensive proposition or animated like this one.



A decent video can be created in a matter of a few hours, once you get the hang of it.

1.   Think of an idea/concept.  Brainstorm with your friends, family and colleagues.

2. Write the script.   Create a simple story board and message. Keep it short and sweet, pointed with call to actions and get feedback from your friends or an online community.


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3.   Create the visuals.  You can get stock images or videos online. If you’re a reasonably good artist, produce some sketches on an electronic pen board like Bamboo.  Speed up these can look quite cool like this one here.  Or  live video can be a very good method to present yourself and your message.  If you have a video camera or decent video camera phone use this but you may need a tripod or stand to keep it steady.  To screen record, add effects, get a copy of Camtasia Studio or ScreenFlow and get to work on your transitions – you can be the editor, producer director all in one.

4.  Record the voice over and/or download some music.  I don’t mean iTunes as this is illegal. You will need to choose some appropriate music or jingle from one of the many stock music websites like AudioMicro or Freesound or if you’re a dab hand at mixing electronic music, compose your own.

5.  Then publish it and upload it to youtube and other sharing sites.  Use Wistia to embed it easily within your website. It has a professional and smart media player. It’s free to use as well with an SEO optimised feature that will tag up your video perfectly.

6. Last but not least, carry out some social media outreach and get some ‘Play Time’. 



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