Derren Brown’s Lottery Prediction.

Not sure about you but I thought Derren Brown’s Lottery prediction was truly audacious!

Albeit I was half asleep at 10.35pm, the time of the live lottery draw – maybe he was banking on most of the UK population being half cut after Englands 5-1 drumming of Croatia. I’m sure everyone is wondering how he seems to achieve the impossible.  I’ve checked some comments on a few social media sites and I am now actively following Derren brown on Twitter looking for clues. Derren Brown is certainly intriguing and like me, you’re eager to learn how the master trickster did it!

There are a few theories being banded around and to the savvy TV viewer, there were a few idiosyncracies that may explain the method. The most obvious that I noticed was that his reveal was done after the live draw, apparently a BBC legality that means they have got to be first to reveal the numbers

1. That the lottery is possibly recorded a few minutes behind and he’s privy to this recording.

2. That he has worked out a system

3. A clever camera trick

4. He secretly signalled the numbers by tapping his shoe using morse code.

5. Derren covering his mouth as the lottery numbers were revealed. Something sneaky going on?

6. He is Omnipotent and God like.

Watch out for Fridays show where he will reveal and give hints on how he did it! What ever the answer, he’s a big smarty pants!

Anyone got any interesting theories?


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