Facebook to Remove Credit When Pages Post via Third-Party Apps

Ever had your company label yanked off at a conference by a rival company.  I haven’t, but that’s the equivalent of Facebook removing the credit/label of 3rd party applications like Hootsuite or WordPress.

This week Facebook informed all developers that they will be erasing the attribution labels from page posts, that are stamped by third party apps.

At the moment, they appear on timelines for page posts and user posts, with a ‘via [app name]’ link. (See example below).  Facebook are planning to remove the brand name for page posts only.

facebook6There has been a fevered debate from developers and marketeers for some time now, on if this has an effect on reachability – news feed distribution and engagement for your facebook posts.  Results have been mixed but a more in depth study was carried out and can be viewed here:@http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/32124/Facebook-Content-Published-Via-Third-Party-Tools-Suffers-67-Fewer-Likes-New-Data.aspx

This seems like a minor snub by Facebook to the likes of Hootsuite and company, but means there brand gets less exposure, and less sales from Facebook leads from the attribution label.



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