Google Panda & Penguin Update July 6th 2012

Blink a few times or take a long extended weekend break and you may find your websites rankings have suffered a seismic shift from the latest Google Penguin update on your return. (As if Mondays weren’t bad enough already!!).  Before you start laying into your marketing executive (he’s probably been kicking back a little anyway, taking advantage of your absence and not done too much link building),  check for the latest SEO blogs for any news on the street – you’re likely to find a few other webmasters rankings  have also been burnt.


Well, it’s time to get your house in order. What should you do? Well, a recent insight into the July Google algorithm  update include fresh content, link popularity, link relevancy, and social media signals.



1) Check your webmaster tools and email account for a possible email from Google on ‘un-natural  link building’

2)  Remove any bad links. If you’re unsure which ones are the culprits, seek help from your existing SEO provider.



3) Check that your website content is totally unique, and has not been replicated to other 3rd party sites or duplicated to other pages on your site.

4) Create fresh content on your site. This includes new articles, blog posts to attract new visitors. Try displaying blog snippets on your home page and category pages to keep it fresh and dynamic.

blog content



5) Attract quality  links: Don’t just garner any old links. Get links naturally by creating great content, images, infographics, videos and share it out among your existing followers.

6)  Share and exchange posts with other sites in your niche.  You don’t have to buy links or advertise on 3rd party sites

7)   Ensure they are from high authority sites that a highly regarded by Google. (eg. PR 2 upwards is a favourable), from a site that has lots of rich content that is on topic with yours.



8)  It’s a fairly well known fact now that social links are a good signal to give google, as well as the traditional link signals.  Get amongst the social crowd and utilize the best social media platforms for your business/ website.

social media tips

9) Get help from a social media expert and utilise the best social media monitoring tools to tap into the many conversations and sharing communities.  This will help increase your digital footprint and your websites social media profile.




Stay tuned for further updates and SEO tips on how to overcome and put right what Google deems wrong about your SEO marketing strategy.


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