Google Panda Update 25 (18th April 2013), but who’s counting now?

It’s that time again. The pushing out of the latest Google Panda update 25 has started to be felt across the interweb.  Reports of the first signs of a Panda update were on Friday April 15th 2013,  with possibly more increments to follow over the weekend. Poor quality sites will take the brunt of the update.

Don’t expect anything less than ambiguity from Google’s announcements. Matt Cutts, the head of web spam at Google will never confirm precise happenings. You’ve as much chance of coaxing Julian Assange out of the Ecuadorean embassy with a long rope and a US work visa.

Look out for resultant changes from Monday onwards. Waking up the morning after a Google update can put the fear into webmasters, like no other. Finding out that your website has been swept aside with a demolition job on it’s keyword placements can cause a knotted stomach, but if you’ve a clear conscience and have read all the warning signs over the past 12 months, then you’ve got less to fear.

I thought Pandas were supposed to be Cute!

I thought Pandas were supposed to be Cute!

To add to this, there will also be an important Penguin update this year,  currently being compiled by Google engineers which will further combat link network targets.  This is being labelled as a substantial and cogent change to further unearth the underhand manipulation of the Google rankings.  Google also announced that this will be the last time a Panda or Penguin  update will be broadcasted, as in future they will be incorporated into the indexing algorithm, and rolled out silently and incrementally.

Hopefully, this won’t stop the likes of SearchEngineLand assigning release numbers to future Google updates.  A numbered index of our own is useful in tracking changes in site behaviour, against the asynchronous, unpredictable nature of future amendments from the Google..

If you’re experiencing loss of traffic due to Google Panda update, or you’re concerned with future changes, contact Rankability for a free analysis and Panda proof SEO advice.


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