Have You Ever Outsourced to an Offshore or Indian SEO Company?

If the answer to the question is an affirmative ‘YES’, then you’re most likely either wallowing around in a pitiful mess and trying to pick up the pieces of a promised SEO campaign that’s fallen flat on it’s tail end, or just at the beginning and not realised what you’ve just got yourself into!

Don’t take this the wrong way if you’re on the receiving end of this, but I have thoroughly researched this subject. (So to make that clear – I’m not speaking from a position of advanced of ignorance). I’m not saying there aren’t any decent off shore SEO companies in India or the Phillipines, but it would be like trying to find a shiny needle in a haystack or attempting to coax the whole Google algorithm out of Matt Cutts by feeding him a frenzy of Harvey Wall Bangers.

In life, you generally pay for what you get!  This is mostly true, and being promised 1000’s of back links for $100 per month – I can see how on the surface, this can appear a steal!

Outsourcing your link building to a far-away, hourly SEO contractor with no knowledge of your company is a good decision and A1 strategy for your business?…. No IT’s…REALLY  NOT!  Get this…! The blogosphere is already omni-present with useless, spammy comments in broken English from third-world link builders. Why fall foul and get sucked in by their ridiculously cheap prices. You’ll only be disappointed!


Do Any of The Following Apply to You..?


  • You’re keyword rankings aren’t performing as well as you thought.
  • You’re not sure how many or the quality of back links you’re receiving per month.
  • You signed up to a link building package that looks good on paper;

Example: 50 Blog links/month, 100 Free Article Directories/month, 500 Free Directory submissions/month, 300 Social Bookmarks/month plus 50 Forum links.

  • Your SEO company are using spammy link building methods like; free article submissions, free directory submissions and spammy automated methods.
  • You’re not receiving detailed monthly link building reports, and the ones you’re getting are freighted with ambiguity.
  • You’re not getting a positive Return On Investment.
  • You’re paying £XXX amount per month and feel asthough you’re throwing your money down the drain!
  • You’re thinking about changing SEO provider to improve your results (kicking yourself or scratching your head wondering what to do next?)



If so.., you’ve probably outsourced your SEO to an off shore based SEO company.


10 Facts You Need To Know About Off Shore Link Building Companies


1.  Many of them use bulk automated submission tools. The more back links you get the higher your rankings.   This is largely true if your links are coming from good quality sites and are built progressively over time, but the point here is if you think you are getting a good deal from an SEO promise of 1000’s of links per month for $200, then think again! Large volume directory submissions is not a viable SEO strategy.

2.  They often have a portfolio / network of web sites that they have built themselves for link building purposes.  Most of these sites are poor quality with very little content and invariably have little authority, relevance or  Google page rank.  These are easy to spot – they often use the same wordpress templates and 99% of them are littered with a myriad of spelling mistakes, not to mention you will find they’ll mostly all cross link to each other.

3. They’re promising to giving you a 100 social bookmarks per month and a bunch of juicy blog comments.  Sounds good, but to be honest, there aren’t even that many decent social bookmarking sites out there anymore. Most have just disappeared or have changed business or been bought out.  There are a handful of social bookmarking sites, but it’s the standout micro sites like Digg and Technorata that should be used with sharing content in mind .  The methods normally used by offshore SEO companies is using bulk submission social bookmarking tools to dozens of Pligg sites which are only guaranteed do more damage than good.  As for blog or forum comments, these are ok in small amounts, but scouting blogs for articles with long trails of comments from other similar link builders (a high number of outbound links from any one page will lower the effect and SEO power) will result in indifference for search engine positioning purposes.

4.  You may have tried hiring an SEO consultant from ODesk, then prepare to be disappointed.  You maybe able to watch them work, but not much of a consolation when most of their time is spent submitting spun content and articles to pointless free article sites –  I have heard many stories from disgruntled business owners that have largely experienced very shoddy work.   Also be aware of fake appraisals and testimonials.

5.  99% of them can’t afford to use paid SEO tools to help with an SEO campaign or source the best, most valuable sites for advertising or link placement.

6.  They’ll try to sell you the link wheel strategy.  This used to be a reasonably effective method, creating web 2.0 sites / profiles to create a complex network of sites to link from using entities like Squidoo, Hubpages etc.  These are an ok strategy if blended with good quality back links, but by themselves with their other sub-standard adopted SEO methods is largely a waste of time and resources.  Show me a competitive keyword that ranks from this strategy.

7. They are very, very likely to damage your back link profile and either deliver poor results or demote your website to Google obscurity.  Once the damage is done, it’s often harder to retrieve your rankings and a lot of effort removing the bad links. Is it really worth risking your online business in this way!

8. They may be able to deliver first page results for a poorly competed long tail  keyword, but what good is this, when it delivers next to zero traffic. There’s a big difference between a link building campaign geared to get you top 3 results, than just getting one of these lesser keywords on to the first page.

9. Most off shore personnel are one man bands with little or no training in SEO,  using yesteryears methods and tactics.

10. They can afford to charge such low prices for SEO, not just because they can live on less income out in India, but mainly because the SEO methods they deploy are all FREE.  (plus they won’t feel so guilty when they TRASH your rankings).


If you’ve got any stories about outsourcing your SEO off shore, then please feel free to share with us!




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