How Social Media Tools are Reducing The Reachability of Your Facebook Posts

With all the talk about Facebook and  the Instagram merge, everyone is wondering what is round the corner and what changes are on the horizon.  Well here are some recent changes Facebook have made to their social media platform.

Jack Reacher To The Rescue?

The reach-ability of your facebook posts are in jeopardy   Maybe it’s time for all the 3rd party companies to  hire ‘Jack Reacher’ to pay a short visit to Mark Zuckerberg and face slap him into submission.

So What’s This All About?

You may have noticed that your article,s when shared using a 3rd party tool like Hootsuite, are not getting as much reach as articles that are manually posted on Facebook.  You may have 500 likes but  the “people who saw this” value for your posts are rather on the low side.

Here’s a recent example:

This post has been shared using the Hootsuite platform, and has a value of 8.


This subsequent post was added manually and has a higher reach with 33 people indicated that saw this post.



Facebook determines the popularity of a post using 2 main indicators;

1. Organic – The number of people who saw your post on your newsfeed, in their ticker, or on the wall of your Facebook Page.

2. Viral – The number of people who saw your Page’s story from a friend. This can be from a “like”, comment, or share.

So How Should You Be Posting On Facebook?

Simply, I would consider carrying out posting manually and rely less on utilising social media tools.  Although this is going to be more time intensive, I would atleast manually post the very important ones, like Events or Free Offers.

Without reach-ability – you have NO RANK-ABILITY!



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