How to and When You Should You Stop & Prevent Free Emails In Lead Forms?

Do you want to prevent fake leads and personal email form submissions?

I suppose the first question is do you want to do this?  Are you going to lose potential leads or prospects?  It really depends on your business niche and the type of customers you want.  If you are seeking more developed and established companies over a certain size, then probably yes, I would block fremium email addresses. The majority of users who use personal emails tend to be smaller companies or not to be real prospects looking for your services.

In my experience, there are a lot of visitors that download your valuable content for research purposes as they are potential competitors or are perhaps looking to re-purpose your content.  If you are getting a lot of personal emails coming through your landing pages from paid adverts,then it’s wise to block free email providers and prevent submissions from non-business domains like gmail, hotmail, etc.

If you are using Hubspot CRM as your platform and for capturing leads, then fortunately there is a setting to prevent form submissions from specific domains and free email providers.

Simply tick the checkbox ‘BLOCK FREE EMAIL PROVIDERS’ and you’re done!   If you’re using alternative form capture platformor CRM, get in touch to see how we can help you achieve the same.

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