How to Create DIY Infographics: data, tools and tips

Thought I’d share a few great tools for helping you create infographics for your business or blog.

Research Data

This is the way to get trends or you could pay a company to carry out market research for you.

Google Trends

Google Public Data




There are a few sites for helping you create infographics, if you don’t have the expertise in creating a custom design.


Useful Sources


Get Visual with

The following infographic was created with, which  provides a handy infographic-building tool, if you’re only looking to use raw data from Facebook or Twitter, for a client social media report or to baseline social media activity, from the last 30 days.


If you’re too busy like most company managers, why not get in touch with Rankability.  We can help you kick start your social media campaign, design your facebook page and even train you up so you can continue the good work on your own.


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