How To Edit a Facebook Post

Have you ever wanted to change the text of a status update or post on Facebook?

On first look it seems not to be possible. If you’ve used Google+ you’ll find it’s an easy option to change a spelling mistake in one of your comments. Just click ‘Edit this post’

On Facebook that option doesn’t appear to exist, or does it?

Well it is possible but only if there is an image attached to it. Strange but true. So how can you edit a Facebook post.

1. First click on the time stamp of the post/comment you want to edit.

2. You will then get the ‘Timeline Screen’ which opens that post

3. You should see an edit option. Next click the ‘Edit’ button.

4.  You will then get the edit state.  Here you can see an example of a post with a word that has been misspelled. Simpy correct your mistake and click ‘Finished editing’

5.  Check on your timeline and you will see the new edited post

6.  Remember you can only edit a post that has a photo/images attached to it, which us a good enough reason to try and include images on your Facebook page.

 Look out for our post next week on ‘How to Use Graph Search’ for outreach and networking.



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