How to Use Instagram Part 1- How to Take Pictures Using Instagram


First thing you will need to do is either go to the Apple App Store or go to the Google Play Store and download the app. If you haven’t done that, do it now!

Taking photos

Instagram gives you two options of how to take/edit photos, you can take photos then edit or you can see photos with the filters before taking them. Personally I prefer to frame the shot nicely, take it and then tweak it with the filters etc after, though the order is up to you. For the option to edit after, take the picture with instagram. Just click the small camera sign.

1. Then you get the editing options:

Each of the boxes allows different image settings, altering the look of the picture.




2.The incredible insta-change button

Tweaking with the insta-button alters the contrast, saturation and all the other techy bits of photo-editing to alter your photos, with stunning results:



 When you are happy with the picture you just need to click the tick to proceed.


3. Next: Sharing

To increase the reach of your picture (and let your friends see your pictures) there is the option to share via various means. To do this you just need to sync your accounts then click on the icons once on the uploading screen. As below, it will be highlighted in blue once you select:



4. Done- your picture is now on Instagram!



You can follow Jake on instagram by searching for Jwelford99.


The other way around:

The other option for taking photos is to use your device’s regular photo application and then go through the above process, the only downside to this is that most phones shoot rectangular pictures and instagram uses square photos, meaning you will need to edit your photo. Result? The well-framed, well-crafted pictures you have spent time on will have the ends cut off, which is mildly annoying! Hence it’s often better to just use the instagram app for taking all your pics (see what they did there?).

Now it’s up to you. Share your world via this truly amazing app…

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