How to Use Instagram Part 2

Welcome back! We’ve got a great add-on to last week’s How to Use Instagram. Of course, if you haven’t already, you can peep the part 1 here

Your Profile and Geo-Tagging photos.

Insta Profile


How to navigate around your profile and tagging pictures.

Starting from the top- of the pic;  The username, when you are on the home page that is You. In this case though, it’s me. Or mine- Jwelford99…. You know what I mean.

Next, to the right, is your settings. This is the star shaped icon. Your settings allow you to find friends, see the photos you have liked, change your privacy settings, clear your history, change your share settings, check the support page,- all the things you would expect to see, are here.

Then, back on your profile, your photo figures. At the time of writing I have taken  61 photos.  You can click this and you will get a tiled view of all the photos you have taken. You can also see a scrolling list version, which is quite handy :

Instagram feed


You just scroll up and down like you would a regular web page or document on your smart phone.

The last option on this page is the photo map:



This is a visual representation of where you have visited. As you can see, I’m well traveled.

Well, that’s not the entire story. Instagram only adds your photos to your photomap if you add a location to your pictures (geo-tagging) when you upload them. This feature is actually quite cool as you can see where you have been, and what you’ve been doing (or at least snapping pictures of) from you photo map. Check my zoomed in map:

london photo map

So, according to instagram there’s a huge cat living in Hampstead and lots of bikes in East London. This app is so on it,.. I digress.

If one were to tag lots of pictures, on their travels let’s say, it would create something quite nice, possibly even worth an insta-pic itself (mine clearly isn’t!).

You can zoom in and out in the conventional way, or by pressing the – button. The button that look a bit like a 9 sided dice is a link to your pictures, the tiled view.

Going back to your first screen, the Profile Page…. The rest of the buttons are fairly straight forward.

‘Following’ tells you how many people you follow, as in how many people’s photos come in your feeds. ‘Followers’ are those following you, wanting to see more of your photos. Anyone familiar with twitter will know what followers are. Don’t worry if you are not aware of twitter as….

Next week i’ll be explaining  how to find people, what followers are, who and why people  follow you, how to find pictures, following your friends and basics of building a follower base.

Until then folks…Have a good day!

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