If On Page SEO Was a Form of Art!

If on page optimisation was an art form, then Bob Law would have been distinctly average at on page SEO copywriting.  (FYI: he is a turner Prize-winning artist who aroused strong opinions in the art world, and renown for his minimalist art work, who on most occasions was a man of few brush strokes.).

Here’s the point! His work entitled ‘Nothing to be Afraid Of V 22.8.69’ is nothing but a blank canvas with a border drawn on, in ink pen.  “ART” I here you  say vociferously.  It reminds me sometimes of when I analyse clients websites for on page SEO, and find that there is no relevant content on the pages, hence why they are not ranking anywhere in the universe for anything remotely distinguishing long tail keyword – “NO TRAFFIC!” I say.

Nothing to be Afraid of V

Anyway, a blank canvas may fetch  a high sales figure at an auction (up to £50,000 estimated when auctioned at Bonhams next month), but for internet marketing is likely leave you with an disappointedly low count on your Google analytic’s page….





Here’s a few On Page Optimisation rules of thumb to take on board;

1)  Be conservative with the title tag – don’t over use keywords in here, but ensure you have the most important keyword phrases in there.

2)  Marry up your H1 and h2 headers with the title tag, but keep them natural

3)  Keep the content relevant, but don’t overuse the primary keywords.  Throw in a few synonyms as well for good measure.

4)  For god sake make it interesting and don’t be conservative with few too words. 350 words atleast on the page.

5)  To keep your pages  fresh , add your blog snippets to your service pages and this will help regular indexing and improve internal linking.

6) Use an on page SEO tool and check competitor page strength an the associated word density.

SEO Canvas

7) Get your website xhtml/w3c validated to cover the major issues with coding, CSS etc

So there’s no point in being a minimalist when it comes down to on page SEO – don’t leave your pages thin and devoid of rich keyword content, otherwise some of your pages may just relegate themselves off the first page of Google, and out of reach of your potential customers.

Who ever ends up with the above master piece, if I was them I’d sure be tempted to do a doodle on it, maybe of a rare dinosaur!




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