iPhone Mobile Apps & iPad SEO Tools for On the Move

Having got to grips with my iPad2 and managed to convince myself that they really can be used productively for business; editing office docs, presentations, keeping up to date with email whilst on the move, watching movies (although no flash capabilities) and brain games of course. (to keep the mind nimble)

Having lost the battle of trying to ‘crow bar’  into my iPad (I failed to jail break my iPad not because I’m incompetent but because I have Apple IOS ver 4.3.5) and install some decent apps,  I proceeded to take a look at a couple or SEO tools for the iPad but does anyone really need to do SEO on the move?

Well I can imagine taking an iPad to a client meeting, and although I would have completed the bulk of research and preparation and before hand, I can see it coming in handy for some situations, if the need arose.

Firstly I tried ‘Site Analyser’ from koozai that provides a full SEO analysis of your website.  A well presented and designed application with three main menu options; domain info, On Page SEO and Link Profile. You get a launch screen at start up with a single field for a website address. After entering a domain name and pressing ‘analyse website’, after just 7 seconds I was shown an analysis of my target domain as shown here…

Just the right information you want for a domain, location, domain age and the number of indexed pages. A nice little touch is that if you come out of the app (you need to do something else) and go back in, the domain info and results are saved from previously.

Select ‘On Page SEO’ from the top menu and no surprises here – you get what you’d expect from an SEO tool; page size, laod time, metsa data and header usage and image alt tags present or not. I’d like to see keyword density data here, just for the top 3 keywords if over a certain threshold – useful to pin point over optimised pages. Next is the ‘Link Profile’ tab which gives page rank, inbound links and Alexa ranking. Again I would like to possibly see some anchor text distribution here, and most definitely the number of domains linking back so you can ascertain link diversity.

This app has had a fair number of downloads at over 8000 and overall a very well designed app, that I’ll be keeping on my iPad for now.

It’s FREE, so give it a try!

The number of mobile SEO apps out there is limited for the iPad, but I will checking some more apps out next week (including paid apps) and appending to this article.
Check back later in the week for more news on mobile and iPad apps…

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