Is it the End for Shops and Retailers

What’s the future for Shops and Retailers?

The world of retailers and shops face a host of new challenges in 2021 and onwards. Even before the Covid pandemic hit in March 2020, many brick-and-mortar shops were struggling to make profits and make ends meet.  Already this year there have been thousands of retail staff laid off, furloughed and smaller outlets have gone by the wayside.

How can retail shops stay relevant and survive?

Innovation and Technology will help retailers.  Retailers are still relevant – but they can be left behind.   Without launching new products faster, will lag behind new customer expectations when it comes to online shopping.

Cash used to be king, but is no longer.  Customers love spending but often don’t like thinking about paying. The process can be convoluted and take too long.  The answer is a  unified commerce experience giving customers the opportunity to utilise the payment details they have already provided from digital wallets and third party payment processess.

And physical shops…

It’s not all about online shopping and voucher codes.  The shops of the future  and that succeed will have to step away from being places of pure transaction, and think outside the box and be places where retailers build a relationship with shoppers. Shopping ion the future is morphing  from transactional to relational where offline space is utilised to create more opportunities for people to connect with the products and services.

Trident build are London shopfitters and are positive about the future of retail and shopping in the high street making a come back when Covid is off the radar in 2021.  Shops are embracing connecting with their customers through  sshop deisng and creativity.


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