Junglepay from txtNation – No Monkey Business with a Winning Mobile Billing Solution

In todays ever changing marketing arena, mobile phone and SMS messaging is becoming a slick way of operating online in providing a seamless payments and billing process via a mobile phone – which is beneficial to the end user and online businesses.

With the apple iPad and Android dominating the way consumers interact and engage online, from paying for business apps,  gaming, music and movies, mobile payment gateways and automated billing solutions enables the  monetizing software assets and to take payments easily and securely.

Junglepay from txtNation have developed an accomplished plug and play integration widget (it’s more than a software widget) that enables integration with your existing websites or mobile phone applications, that can get your environment ready to take payments using SMS, credit card or over the telephone. It’s powered by the ubiquitous txtNation platform and using their connectivity and carrier partnerships, enabling publishers to target global markets by premium SMS, landline phone and credit card. The widget is free to set up and more importantly they have designed it with usability in mind – using an simple to use setup wizard – even a monkey could work it out!

Michael Whelan from txtNation affirms that: ‘With JunglePay, it’s easier than ever to set up SMS billing with minimal effort and low overheads. Premium SMS is ideal for targeting services at young social networkers, the unbanked, and those without credit cards.’

With the increase  in use of social gaming and networking applications  JunglePay is aptly placed to provide businesses the right tools to give their customers what they want – convenience, ease of use and flexibility.

txtNation Profile

With a number of award winning and acclaimed solutions to their portfolio, txtNation is a major provider of mobile messaging services and are at the cutting edge in the mobile market in their chosen field.

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