Let’s Rock Sales Funnels Together

If you’re a Business development manager, your role and responsibilities may not have changed that much over the years, but the way in which you carry out your tasks and the tools you use are probably very different to 10-15 years ago.

As a business development manager, Im sure you have a number of strategic objectives and goals, but these days more and more organizations are investing in business management software to get things done, predict risks, and improve overall efficiency.

Business management tools have come a long way and are constantly improving.  You maybe using business management suits like, Netsuite that provides ERP, Financials, CRM, HR, eCommerce.

Whatever CRM you have adopted (Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive and Zoho to name a few), to be successful, all businesses need a tailored Sales Funnel, a defined Sales process and a fully customised and optimised CRM system for future success.

I mean who’s still using spreadsheets anyway?

By opting to use a CRM like for Sales prospecting and qualification process, it’s now a lot easier to:

  1. Manage and nurture our leads
  2. Close deals faster
  3. Automate repeated processes
  4. Personalise the experience for prospects

Sales enablement and onboarding, and a proven method for successful lead Qualification will enable your Sales/BDR teams to work more efficiently, manage your leads better and spend more time on the leads that will turn to customers

You can take a peek at a successful Sales Enablement process and method here:

With a combined and powerful skill set including, CRM consultancy, Inbound marketing, Sales & Marketing automation, content solutions, we are well placed as a partner for Sales and Marketing Operations software deployment, implementation, and integration.

If you’re thinking about using Hubspot or any other CRM platform and need assistance with onboarding, implementation, and ongoing support, contact Rob Wells at REVIO for a consultation.

Contact Details: growth@revio.agency