LondonSEO – For the Thirst to Come!

Although a  little late with my weekly news bulletin, thought I’d share my experience of LondonSEO’s event that I attended a couple of weeks ago. The turn out was a good one (although I’m a LondonSEO virgin had nothing to compare it to, but the bar was 2-3 deep at least) and for those that have a thirst for SEO  and digital marketing, is a great place to exchange ideas, network and speak to other experts in the field.

The venue was at the Grace Bar near Piccadilly, a modern place with fine decor, a luxurious bar and very friendly staff.  I spoke to a mix of people working in a number of industries; and exchanged  some ideas on affiliate marketing and link building. Amazingly I remembered most of the night, even after a few kegs of beer passed my lips. Seems asthough my brain, as well as my liver are accomplished at absorbing things.


There was also a raffle on the night, courtesy of  Search metrics, and A4UExpo who also sponsored the event. (A big thanks to them). The prize was an Amazon Kindle version 1, which was a great gift to take home for a nights drinking and merriment.  The winner was drawn, can’t remember who won it but I did hear someone shout out, “What’s an SEO techie need a Kindle for…?  They can’t read sentences. They can only read “META TAGS” – HA HA! ”

Thoroughly recommend to anyone in the SEO field to crow bar this event into your diary. Keep checking the LondonSeo website for the next event and latest news and sign up early.  I’m looking forward to the next one and drinking for the thirst to come!  Look forward to seeing you all there!



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