Mindshare expand their minds

Mindshare global media group are expanding their core services to give a full service to their clients to now include a Search Media arm including Search Engine Optimisation, PPC and Social Media skills.

Mindshare Search department has stated that their clients have been asking for SEO services aswell as their existing core services and a one stop shop approach will give their clients what they need to embrace the online markets.

They are looking to grow their existing team with a key number of Search Managers to enhance their reputation with in their clients markets.

Some recent criticism of Mindshare in putting up an image of their rebranded logo while they redesign their UK site is probably due to them being too busy to pay any great attention to their own UK site, but they will need to set a good example if they are going to extend a credible hand to entice the big corporates into their SEO world and not give the impression of ‘ad libbing’ their SEO strategy.

Im sure Mindshare will be well positioned to provide additional quality SEO services over the next few months.


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