Outfunnel is a Good Hubspot Alternative to Hubspot Professional and Email Marketing Automation

Outfunnel in a nutshell connects your sales and marketing data in one place and enables the ability to send a sequence of automated emails to targeted leads and contacts depending on a custom criteria and/or your CRM segmented lists.

Automated email marketing is only available with Hubspot professional marketing Hub edition and this comes at a cost of around £500 per month when using Hubspot paid plans.  It’s a big jump in price from the Hubspot marketing starter edition which stands at £47 per month.   Enter Outfunnel, the ‘super hero automated marketing solution’ to fill the gap for businesses who are desperate to automate their marketing effort at a very reasonable price point.  Outfunnel is only $19 per month for their starter version which is easily enough for a small business looking to send upto 1,000 emails per month.   View all Outfunnel pricing and plans here.

In addition to Hubspot integration, Outfunnel also integrates with Mailchimp, Pipedrive, Copper, Airtable, Wix, Active Campaign, Zoom and Unbounce.

1. Outfunnel & Hubspot: Functionality & Setup

First, we need to connect Hubspot to Outfunnel and import our contacts and Hubspot lists into the Outfunnel platform.