London South Bank University

Hubspot Automated Workflows
10 Day Project

The Brief

LSBU and their Enterprise Research Development Funding Department (ERDF) offer SME’s actively seek European funding to run programmes which support SMEs with business development.

LSBU had already started implementing when they encountered difficulties, so approached StartaDesign to help implement their registration process, complex processes, activities and cost tracking aswell as reporting using Hubspot. They needed HubSpot as a single source to consolidate their different systems, whilst automating certain tasks to improve efficiency and communications.

The challenge LSBU faced was that their current technology was outdated and not only did their systems fail to speak to each other, they had to constantly rely on Excel and CSV imports across the systems just to do anything, making scaling up impossible. StartaDesign’s Hubspot Team found a solution to integrate their complex processes andtech stack the way they wanted to.

Task Summary

The process involved a series of meetings with LSBU with the purpose of establishing and defining their ideal sales process from start to finish and deciding which elements could be automated. Due to their specific requirements for data collection during the registration propcess, some workflow manipulation for contacts, companies and syncing contact and company custom fields, was required before we were able to sort the correct data for reporting. The activity outputs were represented in Hubspot by using deals and deal properties and within calculations so the number of hours for each activity and associated billing costs could be reported on.

The whole project was completed within the 50-day timeline, StartaDesign and LSBU were able to make sure every aspect of the onboarding was fit for use immediately, pending integration with their 3rd party platform.

Sales Enablement Workshops

Inbound marketing workshops and content plan for B2B and B2C

Integration: eCommerce Data to Hubspot

Persona development and scenarios

Automated Marketing


The onboarding solution ultimately gave LSBU a more centralised process and system. Some manual activities were automated through HubSpot’s features and some native integrations; a huge improvement in efficiency from their previous quite convoluted process.