Probably The Best Link Building Analsyis Tool in The World!

Digital marketing analysts and link building aficionados are always seeking the ultimate link analysis tool.. There’s a few that have been developed over the years, but we think that Ahref’s is probably the most effective tool around. Here’s why their Site Explorer is the cream of the crop..!

1. Ahrefs has the largest database of live links and us updated frequently.  Very important if you want to keep up with your competitors SEO effort.

2.   It provides in depth analysis of back links and referring domains.

3.  It gives a true view and report of your anchor text usage, displaying referring domain count and allowing you to order by percentage of referring domains with anchor.

To explain, this means that instead of basing the anchor text usage on just volume (if you have a site wide link with 1500 pages, it will skew the result massively). What you want is the percentage of referring domains using a specific anchor text from all referring domains.


4.  The reports are comprehensive and are presented in graphical format, giving a snapshot that can be viewed at a glance.



5.   Also gives a report on sites issues like timeouts, missing and duplicate title tags. OK, not as thorough as webmaster tools but a nice touch.


6.  Offers a ‘New and Lost’ link report, with a list dates as well as URL’s.  Handy to help find out your link building drop off rate and more importantly an aid to help you research the reasons why.


7.  Ahref’s also gives you the ability to create reports going back 30 days giving details on H1,H2 headers, canonical issues and much more.


There are a number of other SEO tools on the market but this is one of the best when it comes to raw analysis of backlinks; very useful if you are looking at an indepth analysis of your sites links after it’s been relegated to obscurity from the SERPS from the latest Penguin/Pandas update. Ahhhhhh!




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