We are Now Accepting Bitcoin

There has been much written about the virtual crypto currency Bit Coin over recent months. Some commenter’s are sceptical of Bitcoin, others embrace it. Some don’t give a toss and others are concerned over possible future changes in financial legislation, security issues and changes in transaction privacy for exchanges and individuals.   We have taken the latter approach and will be accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment as well as our current regular credit card and paypal payment acceptance methods.  This allows us to cater for all needs, a core philosophy that has underpinned the StartaDesign brand and digital services since 2007.

Many of the major brands like Amazon, Staples  accept Bitcoin and you can buy anything from personal goods and business services to digital software and music.  Bitcoin is not going away anytime soon – it’s already gone global.

This doesn’t mean we are trading in Bitcoins, we are just accepting bitcoins converted to our local currency from any client who wants to pay using the Bitcoin method.  If anyone wishes to purchase any of our SEO services, they can simply pay using their Bitcoin wallet. There are a number of BitCoin billing and merchant solutions for ecommerce.  If you’re a business and you are looking to integrate Bitcoin as a payment method, we can help you implement a viable solution for your website using application API’s and 3rd party solutions.

StartaDesign are now accepting Bitcoin using the secure Bitpay payment gateway. 


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