SEO and Website Conversion – the Big Brands.

More and more I hear website owners carrying out SEO and ranking well, but they are not reaping the potential benefits from their website and making a decent living.

No 1 rankings on google and other search engines is great for any business, but does it always mean success?

Simply the answer is no!  It is the job of  SEO companies to achieve the rankings for their customers, but it is just as important for the customer to know their business, competitors and market share.  You must have something unique or a hook to get that sale and keep your customers coming back to succeed online – free delivery, lowest prices, product that solves a problem.Too many owners setup similar business that are already saturated online and think that top rankings will get them a ton of sales.  It’s more important now than ever before to build up a brand and a trusted one at that.

This can be a tall order when competing with high street retailers who have been around for ever and have a team of in house marketeers and five or six figure marketing budgets.

It’s more difficult if you are a new online business and especially with Google’s personalise search implementation will favour the big brands, making it even more difficult for the small and medium size companies.  Website design is also all important in getting the right feel and navigational aspects right and needs to in still trust in the customer at all stages.

Take for example who sell beds online. Their website is simple, clean cut and easy to navigate showing all the necessary customer service related links within easy clickable reach. They  obviously have a high street presence, so potential customers will be quite familiar with their name and brand. But what about their smaller competitors? Well they will need to have a website that delivers on all these things and more…if they’re going to compete in this tough economical climate.

Success is more than just SEO.  Search marketing ecompasses a number of key elements –  SEO, conversion rates, content and behaviour analysis, analytics, PPC, direct marketing channels, affiliate marketing, social media optimisation and attribution management. All these different channels  need to examined in tandem with each other to ascertain what measures are converting well.

If you would like some advice in marketing you business online, feel free to get in touch with our Sales department at Rankability.  We have the experience in all areas to deliver  a full comprehensive marketing solution for all types of businesses, whatever the size or background.


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