Slices for Twitter: a brief taster

The best things often come in slices – like pizza, birthday cake,  but when it comes to social media for twitter, how sweet is ‘Slice for Twitter’.

So What Is Slice for Twitter?

We all know that if you’re following a handful of fellow tweeters, how your twitter stream can easily  be overloaded with noise. Slice is a cool app for twitter (for mobile and web)  that allows you to de-clutter your message stream.  It works by tapping into the twitter directory and allows you to view tweets  categorised into different verticals, so you can organise your tweets for easier reading by topic, and no need to prune the many followed.  It’s a similar principle to twitter lists, but infinitely more ‘uber cool’.


Easy into install. After authorising the app for your twitter account, it automatically created slices for celebrity, travel and tv/movies. Not remembering which celebs I’d followed, I checked and saw Charlie Sheen & Charlie Brooker in my ‘celeb slice’.


The app supports up to five different Twitter accounts as well as posting to Facebook.  Slices has the ability to filter out or mute certain users, hashtags, and keywords. It’s free but there is a paid version that prevents showing ads.

A stat function is due soon which will give you the ability to view top tweeters, highest no. of mentions, what’s trending and most retweeted tweets based on individual slices.


Slices is compatible with Android and iOS devices, so get slicing.

Screen shot from the Samsung Galaxy Phone app.


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