The Biggest SEO Myths Revealed – Industry SEO Report

SEO Myths and Reality – Rankability un-cover some of the SEO industry advice and claims.

There are a myriad of SEO companies and experts out there to choose from, and a mountain of information and articles about how to do SEO, but how do you differentiate the chaff from the wheat – the myths from reality!

Like any industry there is the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!  To help you decipher some of the SEO terminology and myths, we have highlighted some of the things to look out for when wading through your SEO proposals and choosing the right SEO company to manage your SEO campaigns.

Rankability have recently un-covered an invaluable SEO report that reveals the top 7 SEO myths, and how to avoid some of the less virtous so called SEO experts that do not want you to know the full picture.

Rob Wells, the managing director of Rankability says  “There is a kind of cloak or veil of secrecy around SEO and how it is done, and sometimes this is used to levarage an advantage over clients who do not possess the means or knowledge to determine what is being said has any credence or not.  We sometimes hear from clients who have experienced  a poor return on investment with a previous SEO campaigns, and have been misguided by certain information that is freighted with jargon and untruths. Our report will clear up some of the confusion, dispell the myths and allow business owners to make an informed decision with the confidence  they need to commit to an SEO campaign.

He adds that  ‘We are different in our approach to SEO in that we go to the trouble of explaining our processes and are fully transparent in our online marketing methods, the effort required to achieve your goals, where the budget is spent and the potential return on investment for your business.

Rankability hope by publishing this report that it will clear up any ambiguity for all online businesses, and and help them understand that SEO is an invaluable and effective marketing weapon in achieving your online business goals.

Our purpose is to throw some light on some of these myths and engage with customers in helping them understand how they can benefit from our proven ethical SEO campaigns and the online success that our clients are experiencing.

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