Weekly Digital Mash Up: Instagram, Slice for Twitter, Global Chrome

This is the first of many Rankability weekly ‘Digital Mash Ups’ –  a mix and fusion of digital news to keep you informed on everything digital from SEO to social media including the best apps, latest tools and much more.

Weekly contributors are Rob and Jake who will be focusing on new and up and coming social media apps for android and iphone.  Rob’s the techie (Android Geek) and Jake (apple fan), so there will be some fierce competition on who can find the best apps over the next few editions. Coming up next week is part deux of Instagram and a delve into Twitter ads. Enjoy!


1. Instagram

You may have heard of Instagram, or have friends on it. This week Jake goes through some of the basics of using Instagram:

First thing you will need to do is either go to the apple app store or go to the Google play store and download the app. If you haven’t done that, do it now! Ok, then open the app. On the home page…


2. Slice for Twitter

The best things often come in slices – like pizza, birthday cake,  but when it comes to social media for twitter, how sweet is ‘Slice for Twitter’?

We all know that if you’re following a handful of fellow tweeters, how your twitter stream can easily  be overloaded with noise. Slice is a cool app for twitter (for mobile and web)  that allows you to de-clutter your message stream.  It works by tapping into the twitter directory and allows you to view tweets  categorised into different verticals, so you can organise your tweets for easier reading by topic, so no need to prune your twitter stream.  It’s a similar principle to twitter lists, but infinitely more ‘uber cool’.



3. Global Ranking Chrome Extension

Although I’m an avid fan of chrome and ditched Internet Explorer in what seems like an ‘age’, I wasn’t aware of this excellent extension for chrome that was released last year in beta.  Google global for chrome will enable you to check google rankings for keywords in multiple countries.  The days have finding free proxy servers and editing your browser network settings are over.  Overall a must have tool in your SEO armory.  Read more >>




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