Why Agile Project Management is Key to Website Builds & eCommerce Development?

Agile is used worldwide to manage all kinds of project.  Agile is a great tool to use when the business needs a frequently changing or when the business wants to receive product benefits earlier.

Agile can be utilised for most projects, I.T and non-I.T scenarios – projects where deliverables can be produced and implemented in a short space of time and can be expanded and added to for future capabilities.

So what characteristics and traits make a project a suited candidate to Agile project management?

 –  Deliver a quality product quickly, but not all at once

 –  Requirements will be expected to change or evolve

 –  Organisation is willing to free up team members

 –  The product can deliver milestones incrementally

 –  Face to Face communication is preferred over too much documentation


So why is Agile so suited for eCommerce and web development?

 –  Unlike the waterfall and Prince 2 approach, the requirements and features can be added as the product is developed, as oppose to capturing all the requirements at the beginning and assessing at the end. (Business circumstances and needs  can change – Prince II is not malleable enough to cope with sudden changes)

 –  The product is developed in small iterative cycles and delivered to the customer at each stage.  This allows constructive feedback and alterations early on.

 –  Communication is key between developers, product owners and the client with feedback from all parties.  Sprint plans are changed and adapted as required.


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