Word Cup 2010: England Versus Germany – Names to Remember

The world cup 2010 England versus Germany match is nearing kick off and the anticipation is killing me! So to fill in some time I decided to browse some world cup 2010 sites so put in the search term ‘world cup 2010’. BTW, I won’t be talking about penalties – not the footballing kind anyway!

The first thing I notice is that the BBC site is ranked at the bottom of the first page. Fifa are obviously ‘number uno’  but some of the domains listed on the first page of Google are  keyword rich domains;

www.worldcup2010southafrica.com, www.world2010cup.com.

Ofcourse Wikipedia is encroaching the online landscape – do we really need telling what the world cup is about by an over grown dictionary!

Glancing further down the page I see a world cup gambling site and the second page is freighted with world cup 2010 keyword rich domain names.

Keyword Rich domains

So what are the Benefits of buying a domain name with your keywords included?

Well it helps a lot is the simple answer.  It can mean the difference between a couple of positions in ranking. One of our clients ranks number 1 for ‘toys and games’  above the illustrious Amazon.  Of course there are many in bound links, and it is easier to rank your home page than an inner page like Amazons, but it maintains top spot on Google and has been there for a few years now.

So what is but a domain name?

It can help greatly with rankings to buy a keyword rich domain. That’s a fact!  With good on page SEO and a few inbound links and depending on the competitiveness, you can more often than not get top rankings quicker for a wide range of related search terms.

If you are targeting a specific geographical area, then this keyword name geo-targeting can be  a very effective SEO strategy. Example: a domain called  london-web-design.co.uk or a subdomain say,  london.domain.co.uk will give you the edge over other non keyword rich domains, although the sub – domain method would still require a seperate active link building strategy but would how ever inherit some link authority from the parent domain.

The downside of this type of domain that is won’t really stand out in a competitive industry and look too similar.  If you are also trying to launch a new brand name, this won’t be the way to go.  For affiliate marketeting, these types of domains can be ideal for squeeze pages.

So if you are searching for world cup related sites or just looking forward to the televised world cup 2010, maybe curious about the world cup in 3D TV, here’s an example of another domain that  conforms to the aforementioned SEO strategy. For more info on watching the world cup in 3D, read more here  www.3dtvwatch.co.uk


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