You Can’t Beat a Good Rank: geo-ranking global chrome extension saves time

Although I’m an avid fan of chrome and ditched Internet Explorer in what seems like an ‘age’, I wasn’t aware of this excellent extension for chrome. Google global for chrome will enable you to check google rankings for keywords in multiple countries.  The laborious days of scouring around for free proxy servers and editing your browser network settings are over.

Obviously there are a myriad of SEO tools that can also manage keyword rankings in multiple countries, like SEOProfiler, but often they don’t register rankings for keywords outside the top 50, or are don’t have right up to the minute indexing data.  Sometimes this can be restricting come the reporting cycle, if you’re wanting to show clients a climbing keyword that’s been plucked from obscurity. Global chrome is a neat solution…


Global Chrome has had over 15,000 downloads courtesy of some smart gap analysis from RedflyMarketing.

Usage and Configuration


By default it supports US, UK, Canada, Australia and of course Ireland being the brainchild of global chrome.  Alas do not fret, by hitting the options tab you can configure domain extensions, region Id’s, as well as advanced google search strings. It also seems to resolve the issue of IP number skewing results, and when tested in US and Australia for one of our clients, proved reliable when comparing to other tools.

Looks like there’s been no update to it since launch on Monday, July 19, 2010 with version 1, and some feedback from users having issues may have prompted a further patch release by now.

Overall a well thought out tool, and one for the swiss army knife of SEO tools  for International and global SEO campaigns.





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